Special floors

Woodfloor from Venice

Venice, one of the most fascinating cities in the world, it's always marked by the strong connection between water and wood. In facts, thanks to the wooden poles installation into the seabed, it was possible to consolidate the basis permitting the urbanization. In this way, the lagoon backdrops looks like an huge "forest" made by long oak and larch poles. A true heritage unknown to many.

The briccole are groups of two or more poles which emerge from the water with the aim of border the navigable areas and inform about the depth.They are made by oak wood with an average lenght of 10-15 meters.

What makes the briccole so unique?

The teredine it's a little mollusk that attacks the briccole to feed itself with their wood. Thus, this little artist, create some tunnels into the poles, giving a unique look to this material. Also the years into the brackish Venice water modifies the wood, giving some special nuances to it and, above all, extraordinary properties of stability and resistance.

Choose this unique woodfloor for your home, means possessing a real piece of Venice history, recreating the charm and the magic atmosphere of one of the most known places in the world.

Each of ours floors made with briccole comes with a certificate which, with the authorization of the Magistrate of the Venice waters, attests its provenance and originality.


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