the company


If you live in Trentino you fall in love with the nature which surrounds Val di Fiemme, a valley made of forests and beauty. The love for wood gave life to our passion. Placed in Castello di Fiemme, our company has been producing wood floors for over 40 years. The love of our family for wood and the passion for its working could be summed up in a famous quote:

“Man and wood or wood and man! Since his existence, man learnt to use wood living in close symbiosis with it. The history of its use is the history of  humanity” [Dr. Massimo della Noce]

Our company is made up of 5 professional people: customers can rely on us!

our philosophy

A wood floor is the perfect match between human creativity and nature. Thanks to its rich forests and right maintenance, Val di Fiemme gives us precious and beautiful wood such as larch and spruce. We can turn it into a unique wood floor which makes your home warm and cozy.

You will feel at home with us and it will be a great experience for you to have a “piece of Val di Fiemme” in your home.


Bonelli S.r.l.

Via al Cogol , 3
38030 Castello di Fiemme (TN)
tel. +39 0462 230311
P.IVA IT 02572340228
Val di Fiemme