New wood floors

the scent of new wood floors

We work the wood of Val di Fiemme right from the beginning

Larch, spruce, Cembran pine. These types of wood are turned into fantastic floors thanks to our passion for this job. We cut beams (from 13 to 40 cm in width) and cross glue different wood layers. The finish is made of sustainable products. 




the working of non-local wood

We also use non-local wood such as oak, walnut and cherry. Its provenance is rigorously selected by our team. It is worked and glued on different layers of our wood which comes from Val di Fiemme.



we find shelter in its warmth

The wood is the best choice you can do for the creation of your floors: it is a raw material which gives warmth and shelter to your home. We provide CE-certified products. This certification guarantees their quality and provenance.

We take care of your floor: every single wood board is as unique as every single man. 


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