The wood of Val di Fiemme

This wood has always been dear to me

Enchanted forests in the hearth of Val di Fiemme

Val di Fiemme is an enchanted place and a masterpiece of nature thanks to its endless forests; our valley is one of the richest of the Alps. The growth of precious wood is due to the geographic location and microclimate of the valley.

45.000/50.000 trees are taken from these forests every year. It seems to be too much, but it is not like this: they are estimated to be fewer than those growing in one year thanks to a smart reforestation. Our wood is symbol of wellness and beauty.


Established in 1100 A.D., the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme is an institution which represents the inhabitants of the valley and plays a key role in the protection of precious wood. It is also responsible for the administration of community properties on its territory, such as pastures and forests. Their management allows the constant development of trees made of precious and solid wood.

This wood is the pillar of our company: thanks to it we can give value to your home and make it cozy.


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