Venaturae | Solid wood floors


You can walk on the forests of Val di Fiemme!

We have known wood for generations, from its form to its real essence. We directly deal with the floor production in all its stages, from the raw wood to the finished product.

Over the years we have focused on the research of fine materials in Val di Fiemme and the development of woodworking methods. Our aim is to provide high-quality products and to meet customers’needs thanks to our deep knowledge on wood. 

our values

Honesty, openness, passion for our job and respect for our beautiful valley are the core values which guide us every day in the woodworking and manufacturing process. Our wood floors will give life to your home.

Our attention focuses on customers and their quality of life: we respect their health choosing non-toxic products. The customer is the core of our business. 

discover our wood floor

Let yourself be tempted by the sweetness of a unique emotion: choose one of our wood floors and you will be part and parcel of this beautiful nature. You will be surrounded by good and long-lasting things, which make you happy.  

Choose from a full range of different wood types to create an intimate and warm atmosphere in your home!


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