How we create your wood floor


Our production philosophy

To our company, creating a wood floor means keeping the original beauty and quality of wood, raw material so dear to us.

We have been distinguished by our philosophy over the years: the management of the entire manufacturing process leads to have a complete control on the quality of raw materials and the different working stages needed to get better final results.

We pride ourselves on our modern technologies which allow us to create the entire manufacturing process of your wood, from the raw material to the finished product.

From the raw material to the finished product

We personally take care of our wood, working the raw planks with love and passion.

Firstly, we cut the three parts which will form every single layer of the floor. The spruce of Val di Fiemme is used for the central part of our boards making your floors solid and long-lasting thanks to its particular fibre. The thicknesses are sanded and measured during the manufacturing process. Then, the three parts are glued: your multi-layered floor is ready.

We only use eco-friendly glue because the respect for the environment is one of our core values.

Once glued, the material is selected and prepared for oil and varnish finishes. We aim to fulfil your needs and provide long-lasting products.

The finished product

The main objective of our high-qualified team is to give value to any property and to follow you from the subfloor to the installation process.

For ordinary maintenance and cleaning of your floor, we provide you with suitable products.


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